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Loki Ginuary Gin Tastings

The perfect Christmas gift to beat the January blues, a whole month dedicated to the tastes, smells and pleasures of gin in the intimate surroundings of our upstairs lounge. Hosted by our very own Gin’tleman, Carl Hawkins founder of the Jekyll & Hyde and brand ambassador for Birmingham’s own Langley’s Gin, enjoy a hilarious, entertaining and informative 2 hour session every Saturday in January from 12.30pm.

Carl will convince you that Gins the ultimate health drink, weaving gins historical journey within British society whilst demystifying the 650+ gins currently on the market. Sampling 6 unique gins from the cross spectrum that exist these are complimented by the latest boutique tonics not currently available on the high street and Special touch garnishes direct from the home of the Gintonic, Barcelona. A great stocking filler for the Gin lover

Price is £35 per person – Gift cards available

Session runs from 12.30-2.30pm Saturdays during January

Location: Loki Lounge

Limited spaces

Saturday 9th January at 12:30

Saturday 16th January at 12:30

Saturday 23rd January at 12:30

Saturday 30th January at 12:30

*Once purchased tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred up-to 14 days prior to the event.


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Introduction to wine Level 1

Have you ever wanted to learn more about wine? Our highly popular introduction to wine course gives you the basics to start exploring the world of wine. The 2 hour course will provide you with the basics for learning about wine, how to choose wine from a restaurant list, how best to serve and enjoy wine, and a brief introduction to the world of food and wine matching. Of course you will also get the chance to try some amazing wines in the process, as well as a small food matching element. Most importantly the course will be done in our usual informal light hearted approach.

When: Multiple Dates (See Below)

Where: Loki Lounge

Wednesday 13th Jan, 6pm -8pm

Wednesday 27th Jan, 6pm-8pm

*Once Purchased tickets are non-refundable



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Loki’s Alternative Christmas Tasting

In keeping with our philosophy of doing things a little differently, we’ve put together a Christmas tasting with a difference! We’ll taste our way through the some outstanding alternative choices to help make this year’s festive period one to remember. Why not start Christmas day with a sparkling Sake or try a Sherry from an 1842 Solera with nibbles in the evening?

The Loki Christmas tasting promises to enlighten the senses and titillate the taste buds, with a combination of left-field wines to accompany the food of the big day and some great tipples to relax with in the evening.


When: Saturday 12th December 2015 – Two tickets Left!!!

What Time: 12:00 – 14:00

Where: Loki wine lounge

Tickets: £25 per person

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Premium Champagne Tasting: Discover the bubbles.

What better way to celebrate the festive season than with a tasting of the world’s greatest celebratory tipple?! – Loki will be hosting a very special tasting of some of the best Champagnes and finishing with the legendary Dom Perignon. This will be a fantastic opportunity to try some of the world’s Premium Champagne Houses, and discover what makes these wines so fine, and expensive!!

Champagne is without equal among the sparkling wines of the world and is made in a number of different styles. Throughout this special evening we will taste our way through: Grand Marque (the premier league of Champagne Houses), non-vintage, Vintage , Rosé , Demi-sec, Blanc de Blancs and Prestige cuvée – (Dom Perignon) Champagne – allowing you to try the full array of premium Champagne styles.

Champagne is the most labour intensive wine to produce in the world, with some wines taking 20 years or so to produce due to the  extended ageing process involved.  The techniques developed in Champagne have travelled all over the world to countries like the USA and New Zealand, but none of the wines made there ever quite reach the heights of complexity and finesse as those from Champagne.

This will be an evening not to miss.

Tickets £40 per person – Sold Out
When: Tuesday 8th December 6pm – 8pm
Where: Loki wine lounge.

*Once purchased tickets are non-refundable

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Bluffers Guide to Gin Course

Our Bluffers guide to gin covers the 4 distinct Gin styles Naval, Old Tom, London Dry, & Distilled, this 90 minute masterclass will provide the Gin Enthusiast with the tools and knowledge to tackle the world of Gin.

You will start by tasting all four neat, with the first two featured within classic Gin cocktails made from scratch. Finally the last twos styles as Gin & Tonic showing both the classic and modern gin palate which came into emergence in the 21st Century. You will recieve a fascinating insight to the chequered history of Gin, all described in vivid detail by Birmingham’s leading Gin expert, Carl Hawkins.

The course will provide an array of flavours to compare and contrast providing a framework for you to understand cocktails and the origin of Gins flavour.

When: 28th November 2015 at 12:

Where: Loki wine Lounge

Price: £25 Per Person

*Tickets are non-refundable

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Gin Connoisseur course

With Gins continued resurgence and new brands coming onto the market every week, which is the right Gin for you, this advanced course to flavour will demystify the marketing and allow you to distinguish the difference in the brands and styles to enjoy your gin to the full.

For the Gin Connoisseur hosted by The Gin’tleman Carl Hawkins, who established the Jekyll & Hydes Gin Parlour and is current Brand Ambassador for Birmingham’s own Langley’s Gin.

You will enjoy an immersive tasting experience of gins flavour spectrum Sampling Dry – Floral – Savoury & Spiced Gins, then Citrus – Sweet – Aged finishing with the worlds only Gin liqueur, sipping neat, then with a variety of tonics and unique garnishes, accompanied with samples of classic Gin cocktails.

Whilst trying the gins you will learn about the botanicals, aroma recognition, production processes of Gin, its colourful history, styles of Gin and ideas for making top class cocktails at home.
We will also provide you with your very own flavour profile analysis which tells you which flavours your palate prefers and which gins – from across the world – might suit you best. Enjoy a 10% discount off all the Gins featured to buy at Loki after your class, plus additional recipes for making homemade English vermouth and Tonic syrup at home to take away.

When: Saturday 21st November 2015 at 12:30 – Sold Out

Where: Loki Wine Lounge

Price: £40 Per Person

*Tickets are non-refundable

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Introduction to Wine Course – Level 2

Our slightly more advanced introduction to wine course is the perfect follow on to level 1, however can always be attended without having being to the level 1 course.

The format of the course is to help guide you through the world of wine and give you the basic knowledge to be able to explore the world of wine and gain more appreciation for wine.

The course will last 2 hours and the format is, as usual, informal, and very relaxed whilst also being informative and fun. The wines on tasting will show seven of our favourite premium wines, and will also include a small food & wine tasting element.

When: Monday 2nd November 2015 at 18:00

Where: Loki Lounge

Price: £25 per person

*Tickets are non-refundable

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Port and Stilton tasting

We are delighted to be hosting the Symington Family Estate for a Port tasting at Loki, we have been wanting to do a Port tasting for a while now and were are delighted to welcome the most famous Port family to Birmingham to showcase their wines.

The Symington family own famous Port houses; Graham’s, Dow’s, Warre’s, Smith & Woodhouse and Cockburn’s. We will be trying a selection of their Port ranging from the more common Ruby or ‘British’ styles as well as classic Portuguese Tawny Port styles, and this will give you a unique insight not only in to the different styles of Port, but also the different styles of the various famous Port houses, which although are owned by the same family still keep a very unique “house style”.

Joao from Symington will guide you through these wines, and will open you up to styles and flavours that you won’t have experienced before. We will also have a small Port and cheese matching element that will show you why Port and Stilton really is the perfect wine match.

When: Wednesday 18th November at 6:30pm

Where: Loki Lounge

Price: £20 per person

Sold Out!!

*Once purchased tickets are non-refundable

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Discover Rioja Masterclass

Come and join us for a celebration of the wonderful wines of Rioja for national Rioja month.

We will be showcasing some of our favourite producers, covering a range of Rioja styles as well as delving into the lesser known world of white and Rosado Rioja. Rioja make some of the most age worthy and food friendly wines in the world and we’ll taste why this is, including a aged wine from 1970!!!

Rioja,  is  the most famous wine region in Spain, and well known as being highly sought after. The wines produce a range of different styles, and there is certainly something here for everyone as we will taste through the broad range of styles on offer from Rioja, from the mega traditional, to the more modern styles.

We’ll show wines from a number of producers including the famous Muga, La Rioja Alta and Izardi, showcasing wines that range from fantastic entry level all the way through to some legendary producers and old vintages.

The masterclass will last between an hour and half and two hours.

When: Wednesday 28th October – 6pm-8pm

Where: Loki Lounge

Price: £25 per person

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Visit to Camel Valley Vineyard

City boy, winemaking and close encounters of the cow kind. – 12/06/2015

Myself, a young wine enthusiast jumped at the idea of working in a vineyard for a week over summer and experiencing the glamorous lifestyle that had been portrayed. I then set about applying to some of the worlds most famous wineries with little to no experience, ambitious I know. When I then discovered all emails that were even replied to were in French, there was a bigger issue- I spoke no other language than English, although I understood ‘non!’.

I then got in touch with Camel Valley in Cornwall, named as the United Kingdom’s number one winery by Matthew Jukes. The founding winemaker Bob Lindo kindly said yes to a weeks work experience. Naturally I jumped at the chance to work with Bob and Sam and replied with a swift, ‘yes, I’ll be there!’.

Arriving into the winery meeting Bob and Sam ready for a morning briefing with the rest of the team I instantly felt like a part of the team. The atmosphere focused yet relaxed, clear goals for the day ahead and then seeing the strong father-son relationship between Sam and Bob really shows why they are one of the best wineries in the UK and you can really see this in the standard of the wine!

Several days had passed of which I had done nothing like I would have expected, from helping to build a fence, learning how to fix a water tank, fending off cows (who sensed I was a city boy) and then being introduced to all of the high tech equipment in the winery. The variety of work was unexpected but opened up my eyes to the whole business of operating a vineyard. I did, however, have a few days in the vineyard understanding the art of viticulture.

Then due to variable weather I was shown the process of riddling through giropalets, disgorging through an automated high-tech machine and finally labelling the thousands of bottles in the cellar.

With a spare half an hour I ventured down to the tasting room and, given the chance, I never would have left! My top choices: the 2012 Pinot Noir Brut, among the best sparkling roses in the world winning gold in the IWC challenge, and then the Bacchus Darnibole, unlike any other English still wine I have ever come across, the UK’s first PDO terrior single vineyard wine.

To round off the week a tasting with Bob and Sam of the base wine straight from the tank, a real treat to get a preview of the years wine to come, which should be phenomenal!

John Bauckham – Sales Advisor