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Allegrini Wine Tasting

I am delighted to invite Anastasia from Allegrini vineyards, for a wine tasting in Birmingham. Allegrini have been one of the top family producers since the 16th century, and have been critical in turning the Valpolicella region into a world renowned wine region and they were instrumental in the improving of standards to create the now iconic Amarone wine.

Their wines have won more awards than I have space to mention, but their Amarone is particular is the jewel in the crown having got over 90 points in every year since 1995, all the other wines have always scored highly and have won collectively over 100 awards in the last decade. Their influence doesn’t just stop at Valpolicella, over the last decade they have developed multi-award winning estates in Tuscany and produces internationally renowned super-tuscans.

This is a rare opportunity to try one of the most iconic Italian producers.

When: 28th October 2014 at 6:30pm

Where: Loki wine lounge

Price: £20 per person

Food for the tasting: these are different from our usualmeat and cheese plates, and feature a selection of Italian cheeses and Italian charcuterie specially selected by Anderson & Hill:

Special Selection of Italian Charcuterie:

Special Selection of Italian Cheese:

*Tickets are non-refundable



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Langley’s Gin Tasting & History of Gin Masterclass

We have been promising to do another Spirits Masterclass after the success of the last one, and at last we have our first Gin Tasting hosted by Birmingham’s very own multi award-winning Langley’s Gin. The Gin is made in Birmingham, and has been one of the most talked about spirit launches of this year, and we are delighted to host them here at Loki for a tasting that will involve trying the Gin (of course), but also include a perfectly made Gin & Tonic and two other classic cocktails all made under the expert eye of Carl Hawkins, one of Birmingham’s most renowned cocktail makers. Carl will then take you through a masterclass on the history of Gin (yes it has a very interesting history) and also talk you through how to make a killer Gin cocktail.

This is last minute, but such is the demand for Gin at the moment I suspect this will sell out quickly, so don’t leave it too long to get a ticket.

When: Thursday 28th August 2014 at 6:30pm

Where: Loki Lounge

Price: £15 per person

SOLD OUT. E-mail: for reserve list.

*Tickets are non-refundable

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Paringa Estate Wine Tasting

Paringa Estate were one of the highlights of our trip to Australia in January, they are one of the most iconic estates in Australia, and are real collectors items and rightly command high prices.

The Estate has something for everyone, soft Pinot Noir that is comparable to some of the finest in Burgundy, through to Shiraz which has the perfume and elegance of the great Northern Rhone wines. They are one of the most awarded boutique wineries in Australia, and their limited production makes it extra special that the owner & Winemaker Lindsay McCall is coming all the way here to talk through the fabulous wines, he is not a career winemaker and actually started off hos working life as a teacher, and I feel his down-to-earth and engaging way he talks about his wines really opens you up to his famous marvellous vineyard.

Paringa are one of the few vineyards to get a 5-Star rating overall in James Halliday’s Wine Companion: 

When: Monday 1st September 2014 at 6:30pm

Where: Loki Wine Lounge

Price: £20 per person

SOLD OUT!! – e-mail for reserve list

*Tickets are non-refundable

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Idiom Vineyards Wine Tasting At Loki Wine

I am incredibly excited and delighted to have Roberto Bottega from Idiom vineyards here to host a wine tasting at Loki wine. A lot of you will know these wines as they are some of our most popular premium wines in the shop and we have developed a huge following for these wines. Not only are we one of the only places who stock this incredible wines in the UK, but the wines are some of the most interesting new world wines around, one customer even described the ‘Bordeaux Blend’ as “The wine equivalent of crack”. I think they produce wines that are up there with the worlds best, but also are true to their Italian roots by producing Nebbiolo, Sangiovese and Barbera wines as well as international varieties. This will be the last time for many years that a member of the Bottega family come to visit the UK, and this is not a wine tasting to be missed.

When 21st July 2014 at 6:30pm

Where: Upstairs at Loki Wine Birmingham

Price £15 Per Person

Sold Out!

*Email for the waiting list

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31 Days of German Riesling Focus

As many of you will know, Riesling is one of my favourite if not favourite grape varieties, so I thought I would get Loki involved in #31DaysofRiesling promotion run by wines of Germany. I thought it would be a great opportunity to promote the diversity and value offered by this fantastic grape variety, and also to show the diversity that not only Riesling as a variety can offer, but how Riesling interacts with different soils to produce vastly different tastes.

Throughout July we are going to be featuring 4 different German wines on tasting in the Enomatics, as well as offering free corkage on all German Rieslings. Can’t say fairer than that. so take the opportunity to try these wines, I think a lot of you will be surprised when you try them.


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Georgian Wine Tasting

I am delighted to announce our first Georgian Wine Tasting at Loki. These wines  are pretty much as adventurous as you get, however I think the wines show particularly well and are exactly the type of wine that we at Loki want to promote. It is only a matter of time until these wines become more popular, and as you know we love to get in before they become mainstream.

Georgia is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world and is the most sought after country from the old Soviet Bloc, these wines are quite often aged in traditional clay pots (a technique that many new world producers have started experimenting with) and the wines offer a real contrast to more common modern wines. I am personally massively looking forward to this tasting.

Where: Loki Wine Lounge

When: Tuesday 22nd July 2014 at 6:30pm

Price: £10 per person

Sold Out!

Email for reserve list.

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Loki 2nd Anniversary Party

It is that time of year again where we celebrate another year of wine drinking excess with a big party, and we plan on making our party bigger and better than last year.

First up we are ticketing to include food this year, so we have teamed up with our friends Clarke & Lee who in my opinion are one of the finest cooking duos in Birmingham at the moment, their mix of Oriental and English fusion is inventive and fantastic. Every ticket includes a glass of fizz, and with the food ticket you will get two of Clarke & Lee’s legendary Pork Bao (trust me these are amazing), there is also a vegetarian Bao which I have on good authority is also stunning.

We will be taking over the arcade from 5pm, we will have as usual lots of drinks promos, give-aways, and a few other things planned (we will reveal later).

When: Saturday 14th June 2014 at 5pm-11pm

Where: Loki Wine

Ticket for entrance with food & drink on arrival – SOLD OUT

Ticket for entrance with vegetarian food & drink on arrival – SOLD OUT

Ticket for entrance & drink on arrival – SOLD OUT

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Last Minute German Wine Tasting

I have been given a very last minute opportunity to host a German wine tasting for a limited number of people on Thursday (22nd) May – Yes that’s in less than two days time! This is a great chance to try some fantastic German wines (10 in total) and as it is very last minute we are only charging a nominal £5 for the tasting. We have very limited places so book quickly.

Location: Loki Lounge

Time: 6:30pm

Date: 22nd May 2014

Sold Out

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Riverby Wine Tasting Dinner at Opus Birmingham

I am delighted to welcome Kevin the owner of Riverby Wine Estate to Birmingham to talk us through the wines that were the highlight of our trip to New Zealand in January. The wines are exactly what I want from a vineyard; they are family owned, and the quality is some of the finest available.

The estate is located directly next door to Cloudy Bay, but unlike it’s famous neighbour they grow all their grapes themselves, and that control allows them to produce wines that are consistently rated as the top in New Zealand. Riverby are such a small estate they are not widely available outside New Zealand, so it’s a real honour to be one of the only merchants to stock these wines in the UK.

The wines have been highly decorated with the Chardonnay winning a Gold Medal at Decanter last year, with their Noble Riesling receiving the best New Zealand dessert wine two years in a row. All the wines on show have received over 90 points from Wine Advocate.

Opus restaurant are one of the top Restaurants in Birmingham and currently the only restaurant in the business district to hold 2AA Rosettes, and we have worked with them to make a perfect seasonal menu to match the wines over a four course menu.

When: Wednesday 11th June 2014 at 6:30pm
Where: Opus Restaurant, 54 Cornwall Street, Birmingham
Ticket Price: £70.00 – which includes: Aperitif, 4-courses meal with a glass of wine per course, and coffee.

Sold Out!

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The ‘Real’ Wine Month at Loki Wine Birmingham

I am proud to be the only wine merchant in Birmingham participating in this months ‘Real’ Wine Month where one of our machines will be used for Organic, Biodynamic, and ‘Natural’ wines. We have a fantastic line-up of some of the best examples of natural wines around, and I wanted to show that the whole natural wine movement isn’t just about smelly hippy winemakers, and there are some fantastic wines around. The general principles of the natural wine movement is to try to produce wine with as little intervention as possible, this takes a lot of winemaking skill, and is why there are a number of natural wines that I feel don;t quite meet my standards for wines. However there are producers that can produce wines of immense quality, and also create wines that are characterful as well as serious. So pop in for the month of April 2014 and try some of the fantastic natural wines of the world.

Wines on tasting:

Red Wine

Ochota Barrels, Fugazi, McLaren Vale
4 Kilos, Twelve Volts, Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca
Johan Meyer, Pinot Noir, Elgin
Jamsheed, Moonambel Syrah, Pyrenees

White Wine

Johan Meyer, Chardonnay, Walker Bay
Flower & Bee, Coto de Gomariz, Ribeiro
Suertes del Marques, Trenzado, Valle de la Orotava
Ariyanas Terruno Pizarroso, Bentomiz